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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Fab Bachelor- ERIC C. BAILEY

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Eric C. Bailey has been acting in NYC almost 10 years now. He moved to New York the day before Princess Diana died, although he doesn’t think the two were related. His first acting job was doing Children’s Theatre a few weeks later at the Grove Street Playhouse-which no longer exists. He also doesn’t think those two events are related. Eric is starring in Duncan Pflaster’s Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants at The Midtown International Theatre Festival this July.

Do you consider yourself a native New Yorker?

I don’t consider myself a native. I wasn’t born here, I was born in Central, PA. Though I don’t consider myself a native of Central, PA. either. NY is home to me now, but I still haven’t acquired the swagger nor the accent of a native New Yorker.

Most memorable performance-show experience?

My most memorable theatrical experience is still my first national tour. It was a year long contract touring 3 shows with a cast of 4 and no set travel plans. As long as we made it to the next venue on time the company wasn’t concerned how we got there. So I saw a lot of the Midwest, including the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO. So basically I took a year long vacation across the country while doing some random dinner theatre along the way.

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You are an available bachelor. Do you think being a working actor has anything to do with your being single at the moment?

I am an available bachelor. I think being a working actor can make it difficult to date because my schedule can be kind of wonky- but on the whole I think being an actor actually makes me more fun to hang out with… and on.

Eric C. Bailey as King Kartofflepuffen &
Daniel Luke Strandquist as Grumbelino.
photo credit: Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants

You are involved right know in Duncan Pflaster’s Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants-what a title!

Prince Trevor is a satire of Contemporary Politics, as reflected in the magic mirror of Fairy Tales, injected with 42ccs of Shakespearean Poetry, and dissected through the Ridiculous style of Charles Ludlam. At least that’s what the post card says.

Is this your first time collaboration with Duncan?

This is the first time I’ve collaborated with Duncan as director and actor. I did a production of Twelfth Night last year and had the pleasure of playing Sir Toby opposite Duncan’s Andrew Aguecheek.

I hear something about Nudity amongst the Elephants. What will you be wearing?

There is nudity galore in Prince Trevor and though I am never nude on stage, I am often near the nudity- if not the cause of it. So once you’re done looking at a stranger’s genitals please look up and to the left and I’ll probably be there, I’m the not naked one with the beard. I have no idea what my costume is at the moment, perhaps it’s a burka, in which case you should look for the guy with the beard in the burka.

When can I catch Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants, and where can I get tickets?

Prince Trevor performs: July 16th @ 9pm; July 19th @6:15pm; July 22 @6:30pm; July 25th @9:30pm; July 28th @8:30pm and August 2nd @9:30pm.

All performances are at the June Havoc Theatre (321 West 36th St 1st Floor). Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 212-279-4200

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