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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Fab Bachelorette- JANE MONTOSI

Jane Montosi was born and raised in Pembroke, Massachusetts where she made her debut at age 8 as “Ophelia” in Hamlet in the elementary school cafeteria. She found it such a fulfilling experience that she has been acting ever since. She has a BA in Theater from Connecticut College, trained at The Moscow Art Theater, The Eugene O’Neil Center and The Michael Howard Studios Conservatory Program.


What show are you a part of right now?
-Zebra Crossing (Wikipedia Brown & The Accidental Occidental), which is helmed by Drayton Hiers and Chloe Bass, who have written, produced and directed the show.

I understand Zebra Crossing is not just a play, but a collective of work, and you are part of Wikipedia Brown & The Accidental Occidental.
This is episode #7 of a 10 part series, only two of which are plays. Some are/will be comic books, cartoons, live action movies, and perhaps short stories or music videos. They are all in a pulp meets Scooby-Doo style however, and inspired by the kids books “Encyclopedia Brown”. The characters have grown up, and now instead of worrying about ethics in the classroom, they are fighting crime on a global level.

What can we expect in this episode?
-At the start of this episode, Wikipedia Brown and his Girl Sidekick (”SK”) have suffered a rift and are each heading out on their own. They each get their own “assistants”, Wiki gets a craigslist intern “Matt”, and SK chooses two “Angels”. That’s where I come in! We are brilliantly incapable in the beginning, but as all our circumstances get dire, things change. The villain? A 600 year old Chinese Eunuch most believe to be only legend with an evil plan to save the world.

What else am I taking with me?
Its a great show with a fun style, and lots of action. It also asks a lot of important questions about the state of the world to day and what’s to be done. Good is as strong and inspiring as ever, and Evil has rarely looked so complicated!

I’m sold! When & where can I see you?
June 18th & 19th and July 2nd & 3rd at 9:30pm, at The Tank at Collective:Unconscious (279 Church Street, Tribeca). Tickets are only $10.00; For more information you can visit

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