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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Review- No More Waiting (Thirteenth Street Repertory Theatre)

The Fab Marquee review by Antonio Miniño.

Thirteenth Street Repertory Company has been around since 1972. Established by Edith O’Hara, they are home to one of the longest running Off-Off Broadway plays, Line, by Israel Horovitz, now in its 34th year.

Thirteenth Street Repertory Company brings us the new musical comedy No More Waiting, with book & lyrics by Chris Widney, music by David Christian Azarow and direction by Samantha Salzman.


No More Waiting
is as refreshing as a mint mocha frapuccino on a hot summer day. No More Waiting follows five waiters-actors that work at a Cabaret. When the night is over, and the boss is not around they put on their own shows. The sketches serve as a glimpse of who these actors really are. Although the book seems properly outlined, the dialogue itself falls short. Right when the stories are going somewhere fantastical, they linger on that found note and lose momentum. Chris Widney has a better grasp on his lyrics than he does on the book. The shows strongest suit is the music by David Christian Azarow.

Director Samantha Saltzman made sure she camped it up, in the best sense of the word. There’s even a roller skating sequence in great Xanadu style.

Jenny Paul is darling as Samantha; her scenes with Benjamin Mirman who plays Elliot are golden. The rest of the ensemble is a riot as well, exceptional vocals by Dustin J. Harder (Steve), and great comedic timing by Brian C. Curl (Robert).

Choreographer Lynn Spector kept it simple and to the point. The technical aspects of the show were also minimal.

No More Waiting is right on 13th Street and closes tomorrow. If you are celebrating Gay Pride, and are in the area for the Parade, I suggest taking a break from the sun and the crowds, and cooling down in this refreshing show.

If the show is not incentive enough, the Thirteenth Street Repertory Theatre is in a legal battle to save its space from real estate developers who want to tear it down. Supporting their shows is a great way to make a difference and take with you a great experience.
Thirteenth Street Repertory Theatre presents
No More Waiting
May 23-June 29th, 2008 (Fri & Sat @7pm; Sun @3:30pm).

Tickets are $18.00 available at or by calling 212-352-3101

13th Street Repertory Theatre | 50 West 13th St |Manhattan.

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