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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Gay Agenda strikes with Great Big Broadway Show

New York, NY- (February 27, 2009) Shortened Attention Span is proud to present The Gay Agenda, your semi-favorite-musical-theatre-punk-band, in their solo performance debut, THE GAY AGENDA’S Great Big Broadway Show! Combining the sharp rhymes and lush melodies of classic musical theatre with the manic, off-kilter energy of Kiki & Herb, The Gay Agenda promises an evening of storytelling songs sure to delight and offend the twisted, sentimental show queen in all of us. THE GAY AGENDA'S Great Big Broadway Show! will be performed on March 25th at 8pm and will run the last Wednesday of the month at The Players Theatre. Tickets are available at, or call 212-352-3101. All tickets are $15.00.

Comprising the demented antics of the unstoppable Micah Bucey (FringeNYC Outstanding Performer for The Only Thing Straight Is My Jacket) and the singular sweetness of the adorable Nicholas Williams, The Gay Agenda has been tearing up the New York City underground music scene since 2007 with their unique blend of postmodern humor and innocent sass, defiling such hallowed venues as La Mama E.T.C., The Vampire Cowboy Battle Ranch, and The Bowery Poetry Club. Now, they bring their motley collection of mangled love ballads and disjointed showstoppers to The Players Loft, where their single goal will finally be achieved: Complete and utter world domination through SHOWTUNES. raves: “Bucey and Williams’s music and performances are so compelling and hilarious I would happily watch them under any circumstances. These are two crackerjack performers who have written some incredible songs.”

Armed only with a piano, a trumpet, two booming voices, a bell, and some paper bags, these harmonizing homos spin tuneful tales of predatory barflies, daydreaming prostitutes, evil factory matrons, and lesbian sharks, all while serving up dozens of delicious homemade cookies. It’s a magical, musical world through the eyes of The Gay Agenda, where your feet will tap, your head will think, and your jaw will drop.

For more information, to revel in their exploits, and to douse yourself in samples of their songwriting, experience the wonder that is their blog at:

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